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Where Are We?

By the time you read this the adventure will have no doubt started. That means that somewhere between London and Mongolia there are two gentlemen, a red phonebox and a classic mini pushing the envelope of global adventuring. But where exactly are they? Have they even made France? Are they actually just sunning themselves in the Algarve? Have they been detained in a country you can't spell by the kind of unscrupulous types your hear horror stories about? Well thanks to Fleet Smart (www.fleetsmart.co.uk) and the Adventure Tracker you can find the answer to all these questions and more!

Now then, this is how it all works. Hidden in the car is a GPS tracker which will calculate our location every 30 minutes and send our coordinates to the website and our location will be updated on the map. It will also record every time the engine is started and stopped so you can closely monitor the journey. Every time the engine is started and then stopped it is counted as a journey and these journeys can be plotted on the map so you can view our whole route. Still following or has the sheer excitement got to you yet?

To see the map click the Where are we? symbol below which will open a new window containing a google map. Like all google maps, this can be zoomed in and moved around to see the kind of area we are in. The image you are seeing is not real time but a photograph of the area taken a few years ago. To see where we are click the "F399 FYC" check box on the left hand side. To see our journeys, click the word journeys next to "F399 FYC". Note: There are a few countries which will not transmit our location. These are Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Krygyzstan. However, as soon as we leave these countries and can retransmit then you should be able to see our journey information for those countries. It's all an experiment and we are most looking forward to seeing how it all works, but from initial tests it's looking most promising! A big thanks again to Bob and everyone at Fleet Smart for providing us with the tracker and for hosting the mapping solution. So after reading all that, click the symbol below to find out just where we are, but not before reading the all important disclaimer of course. And don't forget you also have the blog and text updates to follow the adventure.

Where Are We?

*****DISCLAIMER: The GPS Tracker is in no way a navigation system and we will have no access to the information you do, it is there to record the trip and for your enjoyment. We still have no map! The tracker in no way makes the trip easier and we can always find time for pistols at dawn with anyone that says otherwise. Also, we'd appreciate you not selling our location to bandits.*****