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En route to Mongolia we will be travelling through Tajikistan, home of our chosen charity SWORDE-Teppa. Along with raising money for the various projects that SWORDE-Teppa run, we also aim to increase people's awareness and knowledge of Tajikistan, a fascinating and beautiful country. Tajikistan is also home to the Pamir Highway and being able to drive the Pamir Highway in a car that came from Britain will be another highlight of the trip.

Tajikistan is a small, landlocked mountainous country in Central Asia and is one of the least visited countries in the world. The scenery is beautiful, the culture is rare and unspoilt and the people are very friendly. A unique and different tourist destination, tours and expeditions are available to different parts of Tajikistan to sample the impressive culture and amazing history. For more information on Tajikistan, please visit the Tajikistan information page by clicking here.