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The Phone Box

We are selling advertising space on the back panel of the Phone Box as shown in the picture to the right. This really is a prime advertising location as your logo will appear in numerous photos not to mention the fact that your logo will remain in place when the phone box comes to rest wherever in the world that might be!

Prices for a logo on the back of the phone box are from 50p per cm squared. You don't need to worry about printing your logo, we'll sort all that out!

We are currently selling advertising space in three different places: The car, the website and the phone box. All prices are negotiable so please get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring us in this truly historic event!

Included in the price, everyone will who sponsors us will get free advertising space on the AVBA splash screen and on the back of the AVBA Team T shirts!


The Car

There are numerous spots on the car still available for your logo. Please get in touch to discuss further!

The Website

Everyone who sponsors will get free advertising on the AVBA splash screen. (www.averybritishadventure.co.uk)

Advertising is also available on different pages of the website.