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So what's this all about? Well, A Very British Adventure is essentially just that: An adventure with a very British theme. To raise money for charity we will be driving from London to Mongolia via 18 countries in a 998cc Classic Mini with a red K6 Telephone Box on the roof! All in only 4 weeks and with absolutely no support crew!

Essentially, imagine the Long Way Round. Only take out the motorbikes, the BMW sponsorship, the support crew, the hollywood superstar good looks and charm, and add in a battered old mini, a red phone box, a china tea set, fancy dress and a good bottle of gin. Ok, so they aren't that similar but you get the idea!

The adventure is all for charity and is part of the Mongol Rally 2008 and as such we will be very actively seeking sponsorship and donations. (see the Sponsors page for more details).

En route, we will be visiting our chosen charity, SWORDE-Teppa in Tajikistan, attending an ambassadors party thrown in our honour, be the first Mongol Rally team to drive the Pamir Highway and that's barely scratching the surface!

Over the coming weeks and months we will be updating this site with our preparation progress and plans for any media events that we will be partaking in. Then when Launch Day (July 19th) finally arrives the site will be updated with news of our journey and a blog covering the trip will be available.

Now then. As previously mentioned, this whole adventure is to raise money for charity so please make a donation to our noble cause at www.justgiving.com/averybritishadventure. Alternative donation methods are available on the donation page.

Finally, if you would like more information about the Adventure or if you can help in any way, please don't hesitate to get in touch at info@averybritishadventure.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you!




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