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SWORDE-Teppa is a small NGO specialising in sustainable development projects in the former Soviet Republic of Tajikistan, the poorest country in Central Asia. Using specialist local knowledge and research, they assist in poverty reduction and improvement programmes which are actually wanted and needed by the community.

Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.

Mercy Corps works amid disasters, conflicts, chronic poverty and instability to unleash the potential of people who can win against nearly impossible odds. Since 1979, Mercy Corps has provided $1.3 billion in assistance to people in 100 nations. Supported by headquarters offices in North America, Europe and Asia, the agency's unified global programs employ 3,400 staff worldwide and reach nearly 14.4 million people in more than 35 countries. For more details, please visit: www.mercycorps.org.uk

SWORDE-Teppa is a registered charity (UK reg. no. 1100598) with no HQ in the UK. NO funds raised are spent on administration. All UK personnel are volunteers. NO funds are spent on expat salaries or perks. ALL funds raised for charitable projects in Tajikistan go direct to Tajikistan where they are used carefully and properly for the benefit of the community. SWORDE-Teppa’s enthusiastic national staff in Tajikistan are given the opportunity to develop their skills for the benefit of themselves and the community. Many of these staff are also volunteers.

English & Education Centre

A SWORDE Teppa English Class

They are based at the SWORDE-Teppa English and Education Centre in Kurgan-Tyube which was officially opened by HRH The Duke of York in July 2006. This once derelict building, owned by the local education authority, was renovated by SWORDE-Teppa, mainly using its own money, with additional assistance from the British Embassy Dushanbe, the British Council Tashkent and with the help of many enthusiastic local volunteers.

The Centre has a fully equipped eco-lab, the largest English language library in Tajikistan with over 25,000 books, booklets, journals and magazines, a theatre with over 3000 video cassettes and DVDs to choose from, mini conference rooms, a games room and gym, sports grounds outside, 5 classrooms, a kitchen and associated project offices.

Presentation Of Certificates For Completing Courses

The Centre supports local kindergartens, orphanages, schools, universities and the local community. It implements and supports educational projects and provides specialist training and many other community projects relating to health, sports and leisure, IT, scientific research on conservation and the environment and much, much more – all on an incredibly tight budget. These seemingly diverse projects are all linked together to assist in poverty reduction and lead to a healthier and more fulfilled life for all the community. In short, SWORDE-Teppa helps people to help themselves and their community.

For more details, please visit the website: www.sworde-teppa.org.uk

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