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The Brave Team:

Name: Lewis Woodcock
Driver / Electronics / Navigation / Pimms
Occupation: Professional Explorer/Adventurer
Age: Old enough to dress himself but young enough to still qualify for a young person's railcard.
Bio: Born a couple of hundred years too late, Lewis was raised by wolves. He eats only wood and drinks only vodka. He can swim through sand and hear a pencil being sharpened over a mile away. His aim for life is to solve the great question of why there is always a white spot on the bottom of burger baps. He also likes to think he could take a badger in a cage fight. Luckily he also cares a great deal about children and only wants to help.
Strengths: Ability to think of genius ideas and ways to make the rally far harder than it has to be.
Weaknesses: Kazakh beggar girls with gold teeth
Favourite Quote: You should try everything once, except incest and folk dancing

Name: Ben Kemp
Driver / Mechanics / Fancy Dress / Fuel
Occupation: Professional Explorer/Adventurer
Age: Old enough to get cheap car insurance but young enough to still have all his teeth.
Bio: Ben is allergic to clothes. He is a pacifist at heart, but, sadly, has not been in touch with that particular organ since swapping it for an award-winning fish. He longs for the days when beer will grow on trees and people will not snigger when they hear the word knickers. In the meantime, he keeps himself mentally and physically sharp by arm-wrestling snakes. Ben enjoys long walks in the country and quiet nights in. GSOH.
Strengths: Ability to stop Lewis' so called "genius ideas" before he gets too carried away.
Weaknesses: Sequins
Favourite Quote: If its 300miles away and we can drive at 300mph, we could be there in an hour!

The Wise Support Crew:

Name: Graham Woodcock
UK Support / Mission Control / Charities / Facial hair
Bio: Graham has a fondness for cheese that borders on the unhealthy and struggles to restrict his dairy product intake to the level of a normal human. He is operatically trained and has had number 1 hits in several far eastern countries. In between all this, he worries about climate change, world poverty and ants taking over the world. If the cage fight ever took place, Graham would bet on the badger.