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Once it was decided that a Phone Box had to be transported 10,000 miles, reality set in. The K6 phone box has a concrete base and weighs around 750kg. This had us fairly stumpered until an old episode of Dragon's Den provided the shining light. The Phoney Box (www.thephoneybox.com) is a company which builds exact replicas of the K6 Phone Box but a fraction of the weight! In fact only 90kg! We contacted The Phoney Box Company and they very generously agreed to donate a phone box to the cause and has been built especially for us. Photos of the phone box being built and being collected can be seen on the pictures pages.

Now you would think it would be a good idea to really explore the practicalities of the challenge. But that's just not how we roll. It was only after we'd signed up for the adventure, agreed donation of the phone box and bought the car that we decided to draw some concept diagrams "just to see how it might look". To the left is said diagram and I'm sure you'll agree with our initial thoughts: "It looks ridiculous! How on earth we will get that to Mongolia?!". But therein lies the adventure, if we wanted an easy drive we'd just take a Land Rover!