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On the nineteenth day of the seventh month in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Eight, two young gentlemen, both alike in dignity, will set off on a journey. This journey, like no other, will be a quest so great it makes Sir Ranulph shudder, Lara's washing her hair that month and even Phileas would choose to stay at home much less attempt it.

This journey has certain key ingredients; one would be foolish to attempt such a pilgrimage without them.

1) The Trusty Steed. If we look back through history, pioneers have always had their trusty steed. Alexander had Bucephalus, Hannibal had his elephant and Shrek had Donkey. And we are no different, the only difference is that our mighty steed will be a 1989 Classic Mini!

2) A Weighty Burden. Noah took two of every animal, Moses struggled with the ark of the convenant and Tony Hawks had his fridge. We decided upon a slightly less spiritual burden and decided upon the unparalled beauty of a Red K6 Telephone Box!

3) Maps/GPS/Compass/Directions/Tattoo pointing to dry land. This point we were a bit hazy on. Not to worry, we have a pop-up atlas covering bits of Britain and a large chunk to the east that just says " 'Ere be Dragons".

4) A Destination. Some say happiness is a journey not a destination. We say it's Ulaanbattar in Mongolia. (Check the route to find out where that is).

5) Fame and Glory. We would be lying if we said we weren't chasing it. Every explorer is. However, the real aim of this adventure and the real prize at the end of the tunnel is to raise as much money for charity as possible.

Now if you've made it this far, one presumes you are interested in our journey so please take time to have a look around the site and keep track of our progress, both in the lead up to the trip and once we've departed.