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-- 24/03/08 -- The Mini Meets The Phone Box!

After a suprisingly safe trip home with the Phone Box from Wales it was time for the Mini to finally meet the Phone Box. It was time to find out just how ridiculous the whole idea was. Up until this point the only indication we had that the phone box would even fit on the mini was the concept diagram drawn up many months ago.

The first challenge was getting the Phone Box off the van. We decided the 'sliding it off the back' was the best approach and luckily this worked well. The plan after that was to push it over, carry it and lift it on top of the mini. It turns out the Phone Box is a bit heavier than we initally bargained for!














So once again we adopted the approach of tilting the phone box and pushing it up the back of the mini onto the roof. It fits! Great success! Despite the measurements for the roof rack being taken from a remote phone box late one night when no one would think us too weird, the roof rack fits like a glove.

Next is worrying about whether or not the mini will drive with the phone box on top, but we'll worry about that once the car has been painted!

More pictures of this romantic first meeting can be seen here. Videos of this amusing event will be available very soon!

























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