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-- 23/03/08 -- Phone Box Collection Day!

On Sunday morning, in our usual style, we were late and unprepared for an immensley important mission. This mission involved getting a van from London to North Wales to collect the Phone Box! Armed only with a postcode and a Norwegian speaking Sat Nav we set off and arrived full of excitement and anticipation a few hours later.

En route, the topic of how to get the phone box onto the roof of the van was discussed, something which none of us had put much thought into. Ben saw this as no problem with the helpful suggestion of "I'll get on the roof and you can pass it up to me..."

Not sure if the size and weight of the phone box were really considered!











Arriving at our destination we were greeted by Andrew Peters, the owner of The Phoney Box Company Ltd. who showed us to the Phone Box. And our breath was well and truly taken away! Despite having seen numerous phone boxes our immediate reaction was still "It's huge!!" After we had all finished laughing at the surrealness of the situation and just what we'd got ourselves into we turned our attention on how to get the phone box onto the roof of the van. Only a minimal amount of head scratching took place before we decided the best approach was the old 'tilt and slide' technique. After tilting the phone box on its side we were able to push it up the back of the van and onto the roof rack.

Hopefully it will be easier to put on the mini! With two two large ratchet straps over the box we figured (hoped) it wasn't going anywhere!





Driving back south we received a mixture of laughs and confused looks from other cars. If they thought that was ridiculous, wait until they see it on the Mini!

Once again, we'd just like to say an enormous thanks to The Phoney Box Company for the phone box, without whom this crazy adventure would be a distant pipe dream as opposed to the frightening reality it now is!

For more pictures of us collecting the phone box please see the pictures pages.





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