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-- 17/07/2008 -- The Final Few Touches Are Made

Final Engine There is a fine line been genius and insanity and people regularly question which category we fall into. So far the majority is tending towards the latter option. However, the argument has been settled by some of the final modifications we've been making. Whilst other teams are buying spare wheels and working out routes we at AVBA HQ have been painting the phone box, installing a PA system and building the ultimate tool board. Priorities are definitely sorted. We still have no food, water or maps but the mini is looking nice and pimped.
There will be more photos of our customisation available soon but we just had to show this one off. We couldn't be more chuffed with the tool board and as a means of transporting tools with such limited space, I'm sure you'll agree it's.......genius. The Toolboard



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