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--14/07/2008-- Time For A last Minute Engine Swap

Robert Burns once said, "The best plan o mice and men gang aft a-gley". And sadly he was right, in fact that pretty much sums up the rally.. Someone also once said "Preparation prevents poor performance" but as we've said and demonstrated several times - that's not how we roll. The fact that we had no real idea whether or not the phonebox would fit until we tried to put it on top of the mini is testament to this. Learn by doing is the great British way. So it goes without saying that whether the mini would be able to drive with the phonebox was a mystery until we tried it. It performed well on the London to Brighton mini run until the gradient increased even a slight amount and then it was not happy at all.

Engine Removed
Due to the kind of terrain we will be covering the ability to go up hills may be fairly useful and we had to make a snap decision to improve the engine to be able to do this. Now we checked the rules of the Mongol Rally and it clearly states "cars should be under 1 litre. Exception will be given to cars of significant comedy value." Well it's safe to say this covers us. Besides we both completed the rally last year in 1 litre cars. So with all that considered, it was decided that a new engine of the only marginly larger size of 1300cc was needed to give us even half a chance of making the trip. In a remarkably short space of time, a new engine was built and put into the mini and after a few tweaks is now running well.

A huge thanks must go to to Mondo Sport and Swiftune for helping with the new engine.

As a result of all this the mini can also now go up hills, albeit rather slowly.


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