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-- 13/07/2008 -- AVBA Teams Up With Fleet Smart To Bring You The Adventure Tracker!!

We at AVBA enjoy a captive audience and to help improve that we have teamed up with Fleet Smart (www.fleetsmart.co.uk) to bring a new sense of dramatic irony to the adventure.

A GPS tracker is being fitted to the mini this week which will automatically update our website every 30 minutes with our location. This will allow everyone sitting comfortably at home to keep track of exactly where we are and see what progress (or lack of) we are making. This means you'll be able to laugh heartly at the numerous circles our route draws on the map. It must be noted that roads signs in central Asia are notoriously bad so any mistakes in navigation is obviously down to them and nothing to do with us!

Fleet Smart

Now there may be some areas where we are out of reception but all of that will be explained nearer the time. So watch this space and we'll let you know as soon as the tracker is live. In the mean time start thinking up all the witty messages you can send us to let us know how slowly we are travelling.

A huge thanks must go to Bob and everyone at Fleet Smart for providing us with this truly unique opportunity to record the route we are taking and let everyone keep up to date with the adventure!

*****DISCLAIMER: The GPS Tracker is in no way a navigation system and we will have no access to the information you do, it is there to record the trip and for your enjoyment. We still have no map! The tracker in no way makes the trip easier and we still have plenty of time before launch for pistols at dawn with anyone that says otherwise.*****



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