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It's now only 11 days until launch day and the alert state at AVBA HQ has been officially heightened from "A trifle anxious" to "Marginally concerned", the highest alert state ever used. However, copious amount of cream tea is being consumed which is definitely helping. The official launch day will take place on July 19th on North Carriage Drive, Hyde Park, London. The plan for the day is a little hazy but after having breakfast and making suitable sportman's bets in a well established gentleman's club we will head to Hyde Park for around 10am with the grand send off at some point after the midday sun. It would be terrific to see as many people there as possible and for those of you who have not yet feasted their eyes on the car / phonebox combo, it will be your last chance to do so before we wave a final goodbye to the white cliffs.

The launch day will be a splendid affair with fancy dress a plenty and cucumber sandwiches for all. If that's not a reason to head down to Hyde Park I don't know what is!


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